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Polaris, our Christmas tree show

POLARIS is a magical show that will take young and old on a journey to the North Pole, to the heart of Santa's workshop.  

A Christmas tale, punctuated by a team of acrobatic elves and musicians who will delight the whole family with their feats and antics. They will also touch the hearts of all with the grace and poetry of their movements... 

The ground and aerial acrobatics scenes blend into a magical setting: snowman, nutcracker, Christmas baubles and giant gift packages...

In this participatory and interactive show, children help the elves solve a Christmas riddle. Will the magic of Christmas work to save Christmas?


Synopsis  :

Come and discover the story of the meeting of a samurai  and some  light fairy...

Follow them for  find out who  will manage to keep the coveted magic globe  !

Thanks to  these colorful acrobatic paintings Luminescence  will amaze young and old! 

The Show:

- Duration :  50 min (modifiable on request)

- Number of artists: 2

- Discipline: Aerial straps, balance and contortion in a bubble, acrobatic lifts, juggling  bolas, aerial hoop, programmable light juggling, aerial fabric, interactivity with the public

TAIKO 2_edited.jpg
duo lyodji show circus animation christmas tree acrobat juggling LED elf
SLINKY 2_edited.jpg
WHEEL CYR_edited.jpg
duo lyodji slinky acrobat christmas tree show aniation acrobat

You are a works council, you represent a community, professional or individual... tell us about your Christmas tree animation project and we will make artistic proposals adapted to your needs in order to make this moment unforgettable ! 

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