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Synopsis  :

Come and discover the story of the meeting of a samurai  and some  light fairy...

Follow them for  find out who  will manage to keep the coveted magic globe  !

Thanks to  these colorful acrobatic paintings Luminescence  will amaze young and old! 

The Show:

- Duration :  50 min (modifiable on request)

- Number of artists: 2

- Discipline: Aerial straps, balance and contortion in a bubble, acrobatic lifts, juggling  bolas, aerial hoop, programmable light juggling, aerial fabric, interactivity with the public

Northern Lights
bulle boule acrobate contortionniste duo lyodji luminescence
spectacle cirque luminescence duo lyodji equilibre 1 bras portes
duo lyodji spectacle cirque portes adagio duo lyodji
tissu artiste aerien voltige cirque acrobate duo lyodji event animation spectaclr show
spectacle cirque luminescence duo lyodji pixel visuel POI logo reveal
duo lyodji spectacle cirque acorbate luminescence duo lyodji coeur amour
duo lyodji spectacle cirque duo tissu aerien planche ecart
spectacle cirque luminescence duo lyodji cerceau cercle aerien grand ecart aerien artiste
spectacle cirque standing ovation salut final duo lyodji artistes circassiens
spectacle cirque luminescence duo lyodji acrobates aeriens

Other  spectacle  :

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