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Synopsis  :

Come and discover the story of the meeting of a samurai  and some  light fairy...

Follow them for  find out who  will manage to keep the coveted magic globe  !

Thanks to  these colorful acrobatic paintings Luminescence  will amaze young and old! 

The Show:

- Duration :  50 min (modifiable on request)

- Number of artists: 2

- Discipline: Aerial straps, balance and contortion in a bubble, acrobatic lifts, juggling  bolas, aerial hoop, programmable light juggling, aerial fabric, interactivity with the public

balancing on canes equilibrist acrobat duo lyodji
acrobat duo lyodji carried flexibility gap
balance 1 arm circus carried show acrobat duo lyodji
buugeng LED luminous juggler duo lyodji LED circus show

Other  spectacle  :

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