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Maud, a gymnast by training, began her career as an aerial acrobat at Disneyland Paris on the Tarzan show. Then she trained in acrobatic lifts at the national circus school of Rosny as well as at the France pole of acrosport of Bois Colombes but also in the prestigious circus schools of Kiev and Beijing.  
Always looking for new skills, Maud also followed a training  aerial acrobatics with a specialization in silks and aerial hoop.  


Hajimé is Franco-Japanese. A national-level gymnast, he  worked as an acrobat for various circus companies (the Rasposo) but also as a stuntman in cinema and advertising (Wasabi, From Paris with love, Lucy ...).
He trained in acrobatic lifts in France, but also in Ukraine and China.   
Then in order to diversify his skills he  also followed a specialization in aerial acrobatics with Florence  Delahaye and Gabriel Dehu. 

The Lyodji duo

Maud and Hajimé met at Disneyland Paris when they were aerial acrobats on the "Tarzan" show.   
They decided to train together in acrobatic lifts. After intense training, they began to perform all over the world with their "Hand to Hand" act. The LYODJI duo was born.
They will continue their training in solo as in duo, on the ground as in the air to be multi-talented artists.
  "LYODJI" means in Japanese "the right timing", "the right moment".  

Our experience

  Whether with its own acts and shows or in partnership with show productions, the LYODJI duo has performed on 5 continents.
In France, the LYODJI duo had the opportunity to perform at the Paris and Lyon Operas, at the Louvre, in many casinos  including in particular that of  Monaco. But also at Disneyland, Futuroscope, the Museum of Fairground Arts, the Pavaillon Baltard...  
The largest groups have already trusted us: Swarovsky, Peugeot, Renault, HSBC, BNP, AXA, Carrefour, Club Med, etc...   
For several years, the Lyodji duo have also collaborated with the largest cruise ship companies: Celebrity, NCL, Princess, Cunard, P&O...  
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