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Numéro sol
equilibre equilibriste 1 bras duo lyodji

If the balance is hanging by a thread, this time it's only hanging by a cane! Between control and instability, the acrobat will use his strength and flexibility to stay in balance with grace...

porte acrobatique main a main equilibre duo lyodji

Exceptional acrobatic moments combining balance, strength, flexibility and grace for the sole pleasure of the eyes... 

roue cyr acrobate duo lyodji superman

With its pure shape, the Cyr wheel is the most airy of the floor numbers. The acrobat draws on the force of inertia of this exceptional machine in order to tame these original and unexpected rotations!

planche statue force acrobate duo lyodji

In a refined atmosphere, this number performed very slowly, reveals through lift and counterweight the alchemy that binds these two acrobats. 

bulle contortionniste pixel poi visuel logo reveal

A beginning full of poetry in a bubble  and a dynamic finale  and surprisingly enlightened  by LED diffusions  customizable  ...

  This number  original  and modern will seduce young and old! 

pixel poi visuel poi logo reveal baton led lumineux

" Performance personnalisable, alliant modernité et technologie. Les artistes, parés de leurs agrès lumineux, réalisent une chorégraphie dynamique sur une musique rythmée."

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